Viticulturalist: Allan Souter
390 Happy Valley Road Rosewhite Victoria Australia 3737
Telephone: 61/03 5752 1077 Email
Open 10am-4pm Friday to Sunday.

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The setting for Souter's Vineyard, overlooking pristine Happy Valley in north-east Victoria, provides the ideal conditions for producing classic cool-climate wines which typify the Alpine Valleys wine region.

First established in the early 1980s, Souter’s is perhaps the oldest vineyard in the whole Alpine Valleys Region. The current owners have been here since 2003. It is a wonderful place to grow grapes, with classic alpine warm days, cool nights and rich, stony soil. The mature vines face North and West, catching the sun. Their roots penetrate deep into the soil nurturing vine canopy and grapes through hot summers.

At around 300m elevation the vineyard has been until the last few years largely protected from frost. The vineyard is traditionally managed, the vines hand-pruned and the grapes hand-picked. We have embarked on a long term project of renovating the vineyard to make the most of lovely old vines. Production is kept low, optimizing the conditions to grow excellent grapes and provide the raw materials for very good fruit driven wine.

An investment has been made in new French oak for the red wines. We have 4 grape varieties, 2 white and 2 red. Our whites are a small planting of flowery Gewurztraminer and a larger amount of Chardonnay. Our reds are Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.

We are generally open from 10am to 4pm Friday to Sunday and 7 days throughout much of the Christmas season. Please drop in and receive a typical warm 'Happy Valley' welcome!

Page updated: October 17, 2011